Our story

Kotihost is a small family business operating from Helsinki, whose story has its roots both in Great Britain and in a small cottage town in southern Finland. It is also a dream come true, in which two real estate rental professionals transferred their experience gained in England about holiday property management to the Finnish market and made unique Finnish accommodation available to tourists.

When Josh and Satu, the founders of Kotihost, decided to move permanently to Finland after several years in England, the dream of their own summer cottage began to come to life. Although the search area was limited to the vicinity of the Helsinki metropolitan area, the number of cottages on offer was surprising – Finland seemed to be full of potential summer cottages surrounded by beautiful nature, which for one reason or another had been left unused. The couple, who had been running a successful holiday home rental service in England for several years, quickly became convinced that there would be a demand for a professional rental service in Finland as well. It would make it easy for property owners to earn extra income from their cottages and give tourists more unique accommodation options.

Satu and Josh finally found their own little summer paradise, about an hour away from Helsinki. Although the cottage was in dire need of renovation at the time of purchase, they relied on their own vision to fulfill the property’s full potential.they had often seen how, even with a little styling, it was possible to make a big change and maximize it’s appeal to attract guests.

The result of the half-year renovation was a beautiful cottage equipped with modern amenities, which, despite the renovations, exuded its original charming atmosphere. Satu and Josh decided to make their own cottage a pilot project for a rental service company they planned for the Finnish market and made an online announcement.

The online listing proved to be a success and the cottage soon became fully booked throughout the year. It also turned out that a neighbour was also interested in renting their cottage and earning the extra income. Josh and Satu were happy to offer their own professional skills and give tips to make the rental business of the neighboring cottage a success. At the same time, it had concluded that there would indeed be a demand for a professional rental service in Finland.. Kotihost, with its unique service concept, had thus finally landed in Finland.

We bring holiday home owners and renters together

In order to increase and streamline the operations of Kotihost, relationships were established with local service providers who take care of, among other things, cleaning and the general maintenance of the properties. With the help of partners, the number of contacts began to grow and many satisfied customers soon became Kotihost’s regular customers who returned to the same cottage time after time. Praise also came from property owners who liked the ease of service.

Since its launch, Kotihost has developed and grown,whilst valuable experience gathered from England has been applied to suit the Finnish market. At Kotihost, we believe that precisely that experience and the understanding of our customers  gathered over the years are the secrets of our success that set us apart from other players within the industry. From our experience, we know what travelers really want from their holiday and accommodation. Our service model is unique in that we offer a very customer-oriented, personal and flexible service and always strive to fulfill the wishes of property owners.

We want to make Finland’s wonderful destinations available to tourists

Our goal is to provide an easy, hassle-free, and in all respects an excellent rental experience for both property owners and guests. On the behalf of the property owners, we take care of everything from photography and listing of the holiday home to receiving guests and coordinating cleaning whilst taking care of all guest communication.

There are a huge number of incredibly beautiful travel destinations in Finland that, for one reason or another, stand empty for most of the year. Together we can help tourists find these wonderful and unique destinations in Finland. All you need is the keys to the property and trust in our professional and unique service.

You are warmly welcome to explore our services. You can reach us by email, phone or contact form. Follow us on social media as well, and you can get a glimpse of Kotihost’s everyday life, as well as information and advice on renting!